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  • Is your pottery all handmade?
    Yes! I either throw my pieces on the wheel or hand-build them in my home studio. All designs and decorations are created by me, and applied by me. Occasionally for wholesale designs I will create a mold of a form and slip cast those pieces due to large quantities needed quickly.
  • What type of clay do you use?
    I mainly use a brown speckled stoneware clay body from Standard Clay. I will also use white stoneware and sometimes the beautifully luscious black Cassius Basaltic stoneware clay from Aardvark Clay. All my pottery is fired to cone 5 or 6 depending on the specific clay, and it is vitrified to the proper temperature for the clay body.
  • Are your pieces microwave safe?
    For the most part, yes! If I have a piece that is finished with gold or silver luster, that should definitely not be put into the microwave because it is real metal. That would be a great way to start a fire! I personally use the microwave to warm up my coffee or tea in my mugs all the time and don't have any issues.
  • Are your pieces dishwasher safe?
    Again, for the most part yes. I don't recommend putting pieces with gold or silver luster in the dishwasher. It will tarnish and discolor the luster over time. The gold is real 22k gold, and the silver is a white gold. I woudn't put my jewelry in the dishwasher, so the same goes for these pieces ;). I also like to make pieces with sculptural elements and I never put those in the dishwasher. It is too easy to bump them the wrong way and knock off a part of the piece. My pottery hand washes super easy so I usually just rinse it off in the sink and call it a day!
  • Do you create custom pieces?
    The short answer is: yes! I enjoy making pieces for my customers that are special and unique to their requests. The long answer is: I will only take on custom projects that fit into my aesthetic, and also only if I have time in my schedule. CURRENTLY I AM NOT TAKING ON ANY CUSTOM REQUESTS! Sorry, this is my busy season and I'm a one woman operation. If I do agree to create a custom piece for you, I will ask for 50% of the cost up front to cover materials.
  • How do I purchase your pottery?
    On this website! I no longer use Etsy to sell my pottery, but my shop is still there so people can read reviews and such. I do not have my web shop open all the time, it depends on my show schedule and ability to make enough work to sell in all outlets. I also often do shows in the Chicagoland area, and you can browse my pieces face to face! I share this info on social media, email newsletters (subscribe to get them), and on this site so please follow me to stay up to date!
  • What is your return policy?
    I hope you love my work, but if you don’t please send it back and I’ll refund the purchase price minus shipping costs. (Return shipping costs are buyers responsibility. Pots must be returned and arrive to me in the same condition they were sent.) If a piece arrives damaged or not as described I will refund the purchase price and shipping costs or replace the piece, your choice.
  • Are your glazes food safe?
    All of my serving and functional pieces (mugs, cups, bowls etc…) are food safe.
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