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Pleased to meet you, I'm Deena Schroeder-Sears, owner of Idle Hands Pottery. My business is the culmination of years of creative practice, perseverance and a lot of mud. There has never been a time in my life that didn't involve art and creativity, but I never expected to land here-self-employed at last and able to make beautiful things every day to share with you.  

I started in graphic design, moved to motion graphics design in film and video, then meandered into teaching high school art for a long time. Throughout all of this I've continued my fine art practice of painting and drawing, because it is hard to not be inspired by this crazy beautiful world we exist in. While I loved aspects of all these careers, my ultimate goal has always been to work for myself. Goal achieved! 

So why clay? It just sort of happened organically. I started a ceramics program at the high school I taught at, and rediscovered how much I loved working with my hands and in three dimensions. It rapidly grew from there, and I started Idle Hands Pottery in 2018. I made pottery after work and on the weekends, developed my skills and style, and started doing shows and markets. People really liked my stuff, then liked it even more, and I had to make a decision... continue to teach or jump in head first and run my business full time? I think you know how this story ends!

My pottery is made with passion and love and meant to be used daily in your home. We have a lot of stuff in America, and it can get to be a bit much with space limitations and whatnot. I like to make pieces that are multi-functional, high-quality and cute as hell. I hope you enjoy my pottery as much as I enjoy making it!

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